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May 18, 2015

Five articles from the June 2015 issue summarized in five minutes, with the addition of a brief editorial commentary. The 5-in-5 feature is designed to give readers an overview of articles that may pique their interest and encourage more detailed reading. It may also be used by busy readers who would prefer a brief audio summary in order to select the articles they want to read in full. The featured articles for this month are "The Effect of Trochlear Dysplasia on Patellofemoral Biomechanics: A Cadaveric Study With Simulated Trochlear Deformities," "A Comparative Study on the Biomechanical and Histological Properties of Bone-to-Bone, Bone-to-Tendon, and Tendon-to-Tendon Healing: An Achilles Tendon–Calcaneus Model in Goats," "The Effect of a Combined Glenoid and Hill-Sachs Defect on Glenohumeral Stability: A Biomechanical Cadaveric Study Using 3-Dimensional Modeling of 142 Patients," "Platelet-Rich Plasma Increases Anti-inflammatory Markers in a Human Coculture Model for Osteoarthritis," and "Shoulder Functional Performance Status of National Collegiate Athletic Association Swimmers: Baseline Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic Scores."