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May 27, 2022

Five articles from the June 2022 issue summarized in five minutes, with the addition of a brief editorial commentary. The 5-in-5 feature is designed to give readers an overview of articles that may pique their interest and encourage more detailed reading. It may also be used by busy readers who would prefer a brief audio summary in order to select the articles they want to read in full.

The featured articles for this month are, "The Risk of Iatrogenic Peroneal Nerve Injury in Lateral Meniscal Repair and Safe Zone to Minimize the Risk Based on Actual Arthroscopic Position: An MRI Study", "Prediction of Bilaterality in Patients With 1 Posterosuperior Rotator Cuff Tear", "Do Coracoclavicular, Acromioclavicular, or Combined Reconstruction Techniques Restore the Kinematics of the Shoulder Girdle?", "A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing a Patella-Stabilizing, Motion-Restricting Knee Brace Versus a Neoprene Nonhinged Knee Brace After a First-Time Traumatic Patellar Dislocation", and "A Novel Model of Hip Femoroacetabular Impingement in Immature Rabbits Reproduces the Distinctive Head-Neck Cam Deformity".


Click here to read the articles.