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Dec 14, 2015

Five articles from the January 2016 issue summarized in five minutes, with the addition of a brief editorial commentary. The 5-in-5 feature is designed to give readers an overview of articles that may pique their interest and encourage more detailed reading. It may also be used by busy readers who would prefer a brief audio summary in order to select the articles they want to read in full. The featured articles for this month are “Arthroscopic Capsular Repair for Symptomatic Hip Instability After Previous Hip Arthroscopic Surgery”, “Return to Training and Playing After Acute Lisfranc Injuries in Elite Professional Soccer and Rugby Players”,  “Motivations Associated With Nondisclosure of Self-Reported Concussions in Former Collegiate Athletes”, “Articular Cartilage Degenerates After Subtotal/Total Lateral Meniscectomy but Radiographic Arthrosis Progression Is Reduced After Meniscal Transplantation”, and “Is Hip Abduction Strength Asymmetry Present in Female Runners in the Early Stages of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?”. 


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